Moka Sir`s

In 1954, Cavalier Giovanni Migliorini started a small business in Pavia, roasting coffee and selling all sorts of colonial goods. His main aim was to give customers the opportunity to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee at the bar, just as they would at home.

50 years after its foundation, Moka Sir’s S.p.A. is a solid production and trade company specialized in the roasting and sale of coffee blends to bars, restaurants and other sectors of the catering industry.
Many things have changed since Cavalier Migliorini embarked on his venture in the coffee industry, but our vocation for quality and our love for the business have remained unchanged through the years.


Makeus 6,5/10
Hapokkuus 4/10
Hedelmäisyys 1,5/10
Täyteläisyys 8/10


Makeus 7,5/10
Hapokkus 4/10
Hedelmäisyys 10/10
Täyteläisyys 10/10


Makeus 5/10
Hapokkuus 5/10
Hedelmäisyys 4/10
Täyteläisyys 8/10

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